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The ambitious vision of silica corpora is bounded to change the way we currently develop and discover therapies, and we believe that in a long-term future, our achievements in precision medicine will allow us to revolutionize the industry.


Our Ambitions and Beliefs

Reduce, Refine and Replace (3R)

At Silica Corpora, we are saying NO to Animal Testing, and we know we can reduce it.

Democratize Drug Discovery

All Low and Middle Income Countries should be able to decide what therapies are important for them.

Personalised Medicine

With the advance of data collection, our moon-shot is to create tailored therapies for all in the next decades.

Our Commitment

AI in Drug Discovery is a dynamic environment, and we embrace the fact that no one has all the answers.

Failure is not a setback; it's a stepping stone towards success.


Our commitment to continuous development is ingrained in every aspect of our organisation, and our commitment is bounded to deliver not only quality in our results, but also to do it through our core values. 

At all levels of Silica Corpora, we understand that the journey to success is paved with challenges. If we stumble, we don't stay down—we rise stronger, armed with the lessons learned. We work through respect, and we are keeping the learning growth as a mindset that we apply in all our projects.

Join us in fostering a culture where curiosity knows no bounds, and every challenge is a chance to learn and evolve.

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