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Discover the story behind how Silica Corpora was born and where we stand at the moment.


Putting focus where it matters

Silica Corpora emerged from a shared vision to transform drug discovery through cutting-edge technologies.


Tim and Jaime, former classmates turned co-founders, embarked on a mission to address industry challenges head-on. Their quest gained momentum with the addition of Anna, our exceptional Chief Scientific Officer.


With extensive expertise in the medical field, Anna boosted Silica Corpora's capacity to develop tailored AI solutions. Driven by a pressing need, the trio united to confront the escalating costs and time associated with bringing new prescription drugs to market. Silica Corpora was born out of a desire to rewrite this narrative.

"Our mission is to develop tailored AI-solutions to develop more-quality and more cost-effective antibody therapeutics for diseases with high unmet need."

Our Journey So Far


September 2022

From Concept to Reality

With the support of the REACT Scholarship from the Startup Incubator Berlin (SIB), Jaime (CEO) and Tim (CSO) transformed their vision into a tangible venture, laying the foundation for Silica Corpora's journey.

March 2023

Milestone Achieved: First MVP Completion

Silica Corpora celebrated a significant milestone as it successfully completed its Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The platform's ability to generate CDRs from scratch and optimize binding affinity showcased its potential to revolutionize drug design.

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