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Tim Ermak, MSc, MBA


With 12+ years of experience in applying artificial intelligence, machine learning to solve complex problems in biopharma, Tim is a co-founder and CTO of Silica Corpora. He gained a PhD-level experience in bioinformatics and holds an MBA in Life Science Management degree, which equip him with a unique combination of technical and business skills for leading a cutting-edge venture in the life science sector.

Before founding Silica Corpora, Tim was an AI/ML team lead for structural bioinformatics at a full-cycle biotechnology company, where he assembled and led a team of top-notch specialists in the fields of AI/ML and bioinformatics, and collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to deliver innovative solutions. His team improved the quality of epitope mapping by implementing a state-of-the-art antibody-antigen docking tool, which multiplied the success rate of antibody affinity optimization protocol by the factor of two.


Tim Ermak, MSc, MBA
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