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Put our Platform to test

Black Box Experiment

Imagine that, without having any Antibody characterization we could predict that a certain antibody binds your target of interest.


With our black box experiment we want to put our platform to test with your characterized data, and convince you that our platform knows what it's doing, without having to disclose any sensitive information.

Why to make a Blind Test?

AI feasibility is on the spotlight, and we are confident it's already worth including it in your workflow. Our goal is to give the opportunity for companies to try our outstanding technology in exchange of validation and trustful partnerships.


What is it?

We run a blind test of our epitope-specific binding prediction module, also called the Discriminator. The module shows great performance making accurate predictions in our current case study.


How it works?

The input for the test are Amino acid sequence of a target (including epitope) and Amino acid sequences of antibodies characterized as binders or non-binders for the target epitope (REMINDER: The labels of which antibodies are binders (and which are not) must be hidden from us to ensure the test is indeed blind!)

The Output will be the Probability of each antibody to be a binder for the specified epitope of the target. We provide the results in less than 30 days.


Doubts or Concerns? Let us hear them!

Every project and every company is different, and we can provide a tailored solution for your need! Let us hear your desired outcome and we will make it work.  

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